Funeral Home Camilo, Services



Funerária Camilo provides the following services:
  • Funerals, cremations, transfer of mortal remains to any national or international destination
  • Exhumations, with personalized assistance
  • Embalming
  • Thanatopraxis
A set of techniques of preparation and temporary conservation of the deceased, that makes it possible to stop any risk of infection and delay thanatomorphosis.
Thanatopraxis is also known as the art of cadaveric restoration and reconstitution, meant to keep the natural appearance of the body after death.
  • Thanatocosmetics
A process where a cosmetic preparation is made of the deceased and one of the services that Funerária Camilo offers in providing any funeral service.
  • Refrigeration chamber for the preservation of the remains
  • Free post-funeral services (all the paperwork required such as the applications for Caixa Geral de Aposentações, C.G.A. and Social Security's Center Nacional de Pensões, C.N.P.)
  • Marble carving service
  • Florist service
  • Technical support at home

To contact us, use our Permanent Helpline or fill out the contact form in this Website.